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Medellin is an emerging Silicon Valley in Latin America, with the government’s vision to excel in innovation, software, and technology. The city is an attractive startup hub thanks to numerous active stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Notable Startups
startup iconLa haus
startup iconTributi
startup iconViajala
Top Coworking Spaces
startup iconNoi spaces co.creativos
startup iconCircular coworking
startup iconQUOKKA Coworking
Top Accelerators
startup iconVelum Ventures
startup iconVeronorte
startup iconEstratek
Notable Organizations
startup iconChamber of Commerce in Medellin
startup iconACI Medellín
startup iconRuta N Medellin
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Key Stats of the Medellin, Colombia Startup Ecosystem

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Medellin Ecosystem Landscape

Taxes and Incentives
    • Companies that employ people under 28 can benefit from a 120% tax deduction if it is the employee’s first job.

    • Businesses with investments in R&D, Efficient Energy Management measures, and electric power production from Non-Conventional Energy Sources can benefit from an income tax reduction of up to 50% for 15 years.

    • Rionegro is the free trade zone of Medellin. Businesses in this zone can benefit from a single income tax rate of 20%, with no VAT or tariff imposed and exemption from VAT for raw materials or inputs for industrial users.

    • In 2022, the Colombian government announced that they will introduce a “Digital Nomad Visa” for the ones that have at least US$ 684 in monthly funds.

    • Medellin Mayor’s Office introduced “The Public Policy for Science, Technology, Innovation and Reindustrialization 2021 -2030” plan to keep up with the emerging trends in the technology sector. The plan aims to train the local workforce to adapt to this transformation process better.

    • Colombia offers generous incentives for investments in R&D projects. Investors can benefit from up to 100% tax deduction, and 25% of the amount invested can be credited in the year investment is made.

    • Investments in agriculture, fishing, and rural development benefit from a 10-year income tax exemption.

    • MedellinInnovation District is a technology zone of Medellin, hosting local and global organizations that would like to be at the heart of technology and innovation. The district also provides socializing opportunities with a vast range of restaurants and parks in its 3 km2 size.

    Investor Landscape
    • Red de Ángeles Inversionistas is an angel investor network based in Medellin, Colombia. The network invested in more than 70 startups. The investment ticket ranges between US$ 10,000 to US$ 1 million.

    • Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) is a regional organization that supports LATAM’s companies for sustainable development of the region. In 2022, CAF is one of the investors of Medellin-based startup Sempli.

    • Bancoldex is Colombia’s business development bank, which contributes to local enterprises’ sustainable growth. Their Medellin branch is located in Calle 7 Sur.

    • There are five venture capital firms in Medellin, with an investment portfolio ranging from early-stage to late-stage ventures. These are namely, INVX, AI Fund, Veronorte, Grupo Sura and FCP Innovación SP.

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Why Medellin is a great City to live in

Medellin is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its warm weather all around the year. It is the second-largest city in Colombia, with a population of 3 million. It is a magnificent city where natural beauty meets innovation. The city is also synonymous with the word “transformation” as they erase traces of the past. In 2016, they are awarded the “Transformational City of the Year” by the BRAVO Business Awards. Moreover, Time Out Index 2022 ranked Medellin in the third place in its “Top 10 Places to Live list”.

Why Medellin is a great city to live in
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