Why is Medellin the place to relocate to?


Medellin is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its warm weather all around the year. It is the second-largest city in Colombia, with a population of 3 million. It is a magnificent city where natural beauty meets innovation. The city is also synonymous with the word “transformation” as they erase traces of the past. In 2016, they are awarded the “Transformational City of the Year” by the BRAVO Business Awards. Moreover, Time Out Index 2022 ranked Medellin in the third place in its “Top 10 Places to Live list”.


Medellin’s transportation system is easy to use. You can choose from a wide variety of alternatives, including metro, metro cable, bus, and tram. The Medellin Metro line is considered to be very connected with other forms of public transport. You can use a metro cable without additional fees if you stay within the station. It is recommended to buy a Civica card because it is compatible with all forms of public transportation, and in some places, it is the only valid payment method. Air connectivity is another strength of Medellin. The city has two airports: Rionegro and Medellin. These airports’ total trips in a week are equivalent to 779 national and 198 international trips.



In Medellin, you can find a festival almost every month. One of the most popular ones is the flower festival in August. If you have ever been to Medellin during the festive season, you can witness many colorful scenes, especially in Silletro Parade. Another exciting festival is Expoartesano in which you can visit exhibitions for a 10-day period to see more than 350 pieces of artwork and handicrafts. The event usually takes place in April. Maridaje is the festival for foodies. It takes place in October, promoting local foods and restaurants. If you are looking forward to meeting with Colombian cuisine, this festival is a one-stop place to try it all. You can also find much other dance, music, cinema, and literature festivals.

Flower Festival Medellin

Expat Culture

Medellin is an attractive place for ex-pats. There are lots of cool coworking spaces with fast internet connections, and the government is always keen to make them better. The cost of living is also relatively cheaper compared to other cities around the World. According to Medellin Advisors, a fully furnished apartment in a good location costs you less than $US 1,000. Moreover, the city is planning to introduce a “Digital Nomad Visa,” which will make it easier for expats to relocate to Medellin.

Food & Coffee

As with any Colombian City, Medellin has a coffee culture. Locals usually prefer to buy their coffee from carts around the city. Tinto is the widely preferred coffee with a very dark color. It is relatively cheap. However, with the emergence of expat culture, now, you can find more coffee shops and different types of coffee around the city.


Spanish and African dishes heavily influence Colombian cuisine. Arepas are one of the most common food you can find in any corner of the city, either in restaurants, bakeries, or food stalls on the streets. These are preferred as breakfast or dinner, a side dish, an appetizer, or a snack. Parsley, guascas, chives, and cilantro are some of the spices and herbs in Colombian dishes. Papas al Perejil is one dish with parsley and potatoes as the main ingredients.

Art & Culture

Botero Sculpture

You can find more than 25 museums in Medellin. The Museum of Antioquia, Modern Art Museum, Planetario de Medellin, Parque Explora, and El Castillo Museo y Jardines are some of the most popular. The Museum of Antioquia is one of the most famous museums in the city, and you can find the artwork of Colombian artist Fernando Botero in this museum. The Museum of Modern art is more than an art museum. You can also buy a ticket to movie sessions on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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Medellin is an advanced city for surgical operations in Colombia and LATAM. Dental and Health Clinics provide top-notch service in several different branches. Pablo Tobon Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the city, and it is a bilingual hospital with an international office. All legal citizens can benefit from EPS; government-sponsored health insurance covers all basic healthcare needs such as drugs, doctor visits, and even more serious treatments like transplants and cancers.


On their journey to become a software valley, the education system is also integrated with innovative approaches. In June 2022, Mayor’s Office announced that learning based on technology and innovation will become an important component of their education system. Universities in Medellin are also considered relatively low-cost with a good quality of education. The University of Antioquía is the top university in the city and one year of a bachelor’s costs approximately US$ 1,000. Times Higher Education ranked it as the 43rd higher education institution in Latin America.

Natural Scenery

The Orquideorama in Jardin Botanico

Besides being a transformational city, Medellin still protects the natural environment. The Jardin Botanico de Medellin is a green space you can visit in the city. It is spread across 34 acres of land with more than 1,000 unique plant species. It is a great place to learn about Colombia’s vegetation. It also includes an area called “House of the Butterflies” where you can see different types of butterflies in a 581 m2 area.

The Cocora Valley - Palm Trees

The City of Medellin is also in close proximity to “The Cocora Valley” and “The Cave of Splendor”. The Cocora Valley is a place where you can see the longest palm trees in the world that can grow up to 60ms and survive for 200 years.

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